Monday December 18 , 2017
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Resellers and Consultants

We know you have no interest in making extra income, right?  With the current economic climate you are probably flush with cash!  All kidding aside, there are tremendous reseller opportunities with Integrated Deadlines.  What you feel you might give up in consulting income from manually creating chains and precedents for your clients you will easily get back from being a reseller. 

20% Of All Revenues for 12 Months

Here is an easy aggressive commission program that you hardly have to do anything for!  You bring in a client and get 20% of what they pay us for 12 months.  Let's take an average sized firm of 25 people:

  • A firm of this size generally will process 4-20 cases per month.  At 10 per month that is a commission of $69 per month
  • Integrating their deadlines into their calendar would pay you another $7.50 per month
  • This one single firm would net you another $918 per year in income

If you were to make $918 per client and refer just a portion of your client base, this could have a substantial impact on your bottom line!

Top Producer Bonuses

We go through our reseller referrals each month, quarter and year to determine who the top reseller is.  In addition to the commissions you earn, you also earn top producer bonuses as well:

  • $250.00 per month
  • $500.00 per quarter
  • $2,500.00 per year

These are paid to you via an American Express gift card that you can use anywhere.  Within 30 days of you being a top producer, you have extra money in your pocket for doing nothing more than referring clients!  If you were to take the top producer across the board for an entire year, your earnings would be $7,500.00 on top of your comissions!

Vendor Branding Options

We can re-brand our product for your company.  Imagine your clients seeing your business name every time they set up a new matter!  Instead of seeing "Integrated Deadlines" or "LawToolBox", they will see "Acme Consulting Deadlines" or whatever other nifty name you can come up with.

Free Trial For Your Clients

Our product has a free trial where your clients can kick the tires with as many matters as they can muster and see how they like the product.  The best part is that our product has been tried and tested for years and 85% of all firms that start with a trial become long term clients.  Once we have them as a client 95% of these firms stay with us - that is an outstanding track record and something you can count on when recommending Integrated Deadlines to your clients.

Calendaring Software Integration

What a perfect match for your clients who enter deadlines by hand or use cumbersome practice management tools!  We directly integrated into Outlook, Exchange, Time Matters and Amicus Attorney and are developing even more direct integration for all the leading calendar products.  If we don't have an integration that your client base uses, let us know and we'll start working on one!

Fast Integration Time

Getting a new client up and running takes just a few minutes.  Once their deadlines are in the system, you can install Integrated Deadlines to then get them into their calendars.  If you are also installing SQL or SQL Express for them, the entire process should take less than an hour to complete.  This is something you can easily do remotely, saving time and allowing you to branch out to areas you don't normally service.

Training and Certification

Our certification process is a simple webinar that you can attend to know everything you need to know about installing and troubleshooting Integrated Deadlines.  Our software has been used under some of the most demanding systems and works every time, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of time supporting our product.  As a reseller, however, you are the clients first point of contact for any issues that come up.  These issues are 99% of the time user errors that can be resolved in just a few minutes.  To get certified, just go to the contact us menu option and shoot a message or call our training staff and we'll schedule a time for you!