Monday December 18 , 2017
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Our Pricing is a No-Brainer!

Our pricing really is so reasonable that it's hard to believe we can do it at this price!  Compared to the only other two deadline providers (neither of which integrate into 99% of the calendars), you'll find that Integrated Deadlines is a no-brainer!

Rule-Based Deadlines
One-Time Fee

Rule-based deadlines are charged on a 'per matter" fee.  Pay a one-time fee of $69.00 per matter, regardless of how many changes are made.  The following monthly minimums apply (based on State or Federal civil case)::

Firm Size Monthly Minimum
1-3 Attorneys $69 per month (1 matter minimum)
4-5 Attorneys $138 per month (2 matter minimum)
6-12 Attorneys $207 per month (3 matter minimum)
12+ Attorneys $276 per month (4 matter minimum)

Law firms often pass their one-time per matter fee to their clients so they typically pay nothing for rule-based deadlines!  No charge for any matter closed within 60 days.  If you want to utilize our services for other types of matters, the per matter price is $17.25 for any Generic or Pre-Litigation item and $34.50 for any Leases or Contracts.

Rule-Based Deadlines
Introductory Rate

We understand that you may have many cases to integrate when you first sign up for our service and although most firms opt to only initially integrate their current in-litigation caseload, you may want to add quite a few matters right away.  For this reason we have an introductory rate that you can take advantage of for the first three weeks of your participation in the program and any single week (upon request) during the first two months.  This means that as many cases as you can cram into the system during these times will qualify for the introductory rate!

Matter Type
One-Time Price Per Matter
State (Unlimited jurisdiction) - Civil
Federal District - Civil
Generic Case or Pre-Litigation
Leases or Contracts

Calendar Deadline Synchronization

Nominal Monthly Fee

Considering how much time you spend manually managing your deadlines, it's almost unbelievable how low our integration pricing is:

Firm Size Monthly Subscription
1-3 Users $8 per user per month*
4-12 Users $5 per user per month*
13-25 Users $3 per user per month*
26+ Users $2 per user per month*

* Integration pricing is based on only the users who are synchronizing their calendars, not all licensed users of the calendaring product.  If you have Time Matters, for example, with a 100 user license but only 10 of those users receive our deadlines then you only pay for those 10 users.  Any assignment to a group of staff will result in your subscription being calculated for all staff members in the group and not just a single user.