Monday December 18 , 2017
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Precedents Be Gone!

Let's face it, Amicus Attorney precedents are anything but user friendly!  Being one of the first four Amicus Consultants in the country has given the developers of Integrated Deadlines a lot of reason to find an alternative.  Amicus Attorney is an outstanding practice management software package and includes just about anything you might need to manage your matters, but many feel they fell just a bit short when it comes to scheduling deadlines.HappyComputerUser

Like other practice management programs, Amicus Attorney's method of creating deadline chains is cumbersome, but it becomes far more difficult if you need to change a deadline or vacate one.  

There are so many factors when creating precedents, like trying to create precedents for every court ruleset out there.  Particularly for firms that practice many types of law, this is a big task and requires attention to detail - because if you get just one of the hundred precedents items wrong then you miss a deadline.  The problem is increased when a rule changes, because not only do you now have to update your precedents and test it but you also have to deal with the many matters that this precedents was used on.  And vacating or settling a matter?  Forget it!  You could delete the precedents but you then delete the historical deadlines that have already passed prior to vacating, leaving you with the option to delete each deadline by hand.

Integrated Deadlines takes all the hassle out of deadlines.  Use your precedents for something else because you no longer need them for deadlines! 

We have all of the rules in our LawToolBox database, ready to go.  You simply create a matter on LawToolBox and Integrated Deadlines synchronizes your deadlines automatically!  And when rules change, as they always do, our database implements that change immediately and Amicus Attorney is updated via Microsoft Outlook linking within minutes.  Vacates?  Not an issue, a user configurable option allows you to either vacate the item (leaving it on your calendar but noting that it is vacated) or delete the item automatically.

Integrated Deadlines is currently developing a direct integration with Amicus Attorney, but until then you can still use ID with your Amicus because Outlook linking allows you to keep Amicus up-to-date with your Outlook based Integrated Deadlines implementation.  Outlook linking is not a generic way to get deadlines to Amicus because we don't simply put the deadlines in Outlook leaving Amicus with no linked file or client, we embed the file information into the deadline so when it transfers to Amicus it is linked to the correct matter and client.