Monday December 18 , 2017
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Break Free From Time Matters Chains

At Integrated Deadlines we love Time Matters, we even use it internally - how's THAT for an endorsement?  Integrated Deadlines was developed by a LexisNexis Certified Consultant, which means that you can count on the fact that we know exactly what was needed and how to achieve it!

As Time Matters consultants, we found that every time a rule would change that our clients would either try to modify their chains and encounter frustrations or they would call us and incur a service fee.  There must be a better way!  There are only just three other deadline products on the market and none of them work well with Time Matters (and in particular, NONE of them directly integrate with Time Matters), so we developed our own.

Chains are great tools, but they are cumbersome when you need to change them.  There are so many factors when creating chains, like trying to create chains for every court ruleset out there.  Particularly for firms that practice many types of law, this is a big Chainstask and requires attention to detail - because if you get just one of the hundred chains items wrong then you miss a deadline.  The problem is increased when a rule changes, because not only do you now have to update your chain and test it but you also have to deal with the many matters that this chain was used on.  And vacating or settling a matter?  Forget it!  You could delete the chain but you then delete the historical deadlines that have already passed prior to vacating, leaving you with the option to delete each deadline by hand.

Integrated Deadlines takes all the hassle out of deadlines.  Use your chains for something else because you no longer need them for deadlines! 

We have all of the rules in our LawToolBox database, ready to go.  You simply create a matter in Time Matters, set it up on LawToolBox and Integrated Deadlines synchronizes your deadlines automatically!  And when rules change, as they always do, our database implements that change immediately and Time Matters is updated within minutes.  Vacates?  Not an issue, a user configurable option allows you to either vacate the item (leaving it on your calendar but noting that it is vacated) or delete the item automatically.

As a consultant one might ask "why give up your income for creating complex chains", and our answer is simple: there are many other things we can do for you in regards to Time Matters that doesn't include the possible liability of incorrectly creating your chains.

Time Matters and Integrated Deadlines are a perfect match!

System Requirements:

  • Time Matters Enterprise 8 through 13
  • As of Integrated Deadlines 2009, Time Matters Professional is no longer supported (and is a discontinued product from LexisNexis)
  • Microsoft SQL or SQL Express 2005 or better (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Workstation running any pre-Windows 8 operating system (Windows 8 is still being certified and has been shown to work but is not officially supported yet) with 2GB of memory (both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported as is Windows Server platforms)
  • If you plan to run SQL Express on a workstation running Windows XP Professional, you must have Service Pack 3 installed and we recommend 4GB of memory