Monday December 18 , 2017
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About ID

If you are at our web site then you probably already know that Integrated Deadlines means you get real-time deadlines delivered to your calendar program.  So what are the other questions?

The Problem
You have a calendar program that you track your deadlines with.  If you have a VERY antiquated system, you might be pulling up one of those old spin-wheel deadline charts to calculate how many days before your trial the jury instructions are due and you plug that into your calendar.  Oh, and don't forget that you then have to pull out a calendar and actually count days so you know when that deadline is due.  If you miscount or transpose a number then you just missed a deadline.

The Software Solution
Once you have realized the problem you start shopping for a software solution to it.  You pick up Time Matters and use the triggers and chains to accomplish some automation.  Perhaps you pick up Amicus Attorney and utilize the precedents feature to calculate your deadlines.  It may be PracticeMaster, PCLaw or TrialWorks, but they are all doing the same thing - taking a static set of deadline rules and calculating your deadlines.  This is great and a vast improvement over where you were, problem solved!Frustrated

The Software Problem
All of the practice management software solutions today allow you to put in your court rules and calculate deadlines, but they don't really help with rule changes.  You know it happens, a lot!  One court or another has decided that jury instructions should now be due ten days before trial instead of fourteen.  No problem, right?  All you have to do is go into EACH matter that is affected, then EACH deadline that is affected and move them around.  Oh, and there are rules on rules, right?  Ok, so you find each rule that is triggered by this new rule change and move all of THEM too.  You're still much better off than the spin-wheel days!  Don't forget, however, to update your software to reflect the new rule change and then test it exhaustively.

Other Deadline Solutions

Believe it or not, this is such a hugely complex operation that only three companies in the country automatically calculate deadlines.  One of them only issues rule changes quarterly and doesn't help you with vacates and case closure.  The other requires a manual import into your calendar and charges you for each and every change you make to your matter, plus charges a hefty sum up front.  Neither of these solutions are ideal, but people have used them because there was nothing else.  Actually, there always was but only to a small market, now we have opened that market up and service clients coast to coast for a flat fee and give you instant updates!

The Integrated Deadlines Solution
First and foremost, this skips the need to purchase software to do the job.  While practice management software is probably the best thing you can do for your firm, it's no longer required to get automatic deadlines.  Our attorneys work with courts across the country and know about rule changes almost as soon as they are made, then we calculate or re-calculate all of your deadlines (including rules of rules) and automatically add or change your calendar for you.  Our small footprint software just runs in the background of your computer and monitors all of your matters 24/7, then updates them as needed and lets you know that it happened.

Date Management Problems No More!
Even with the most sophisticated practice management programs, you still have to manually vacate your calendar if you change staff or settle a matter.  Integrated Deadlines will vacate your deadlines automatically!  You simply mark a case as settled and within minutes your entire calendar has been cleared of those deadlines.  You don't want them to disappear?  No problem, ID will also leave them alone and change them to read VACATED so you know what was there to start with.

You can see why we say that once you experience automatic deadlines you will never look back!