Monday December 18 , 2017
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Brand Names

When you work with Integrated Deadlines you might get a little confused about the different names you see, don't be!  There are some folks out there who just want to calculate their deadlines to double check what their staff is doing and that deadline engine is called LawToolBox.  When you set up your matters you are creating a LawToolBox deadline set and when you want them in your calendar you are using Integrated Deadlines.  Easy enough, right?

The LawToolBox patented deadline engine allows us to calculate the latest court rules.  Here is how it works: our team of attorneys work with the various courts throughout the country so that we know almost immediately when any rule changes, we then incorporate those rules into our deadline engine and any matters that our clients have that might be affected by those rule changes get real-time updates to their deadlines.

The Integrated Deadlines software takes the LawToolBox deadline engine and brings it to your computer.  Once your matter is being monitored by LawToolBox, Integrated Deadlines will inject those deadlines into your calendaring program.  Whenever there is a change to the rules, your calendar is automatically updated to account for those changes.

So, don't be confused when you are using Integrated Deadlines and see the LawToolBox brand pop up.  Rest assured that even if the naming is throwing you a curve, the end result is that you get your deadlines into your calendar with almost no effort on your part, and THAT is easy!