Monday December 18 , 2017
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Free Trial

Go ahead, we know you want to do it, kick the tires and see how awesome Integrated Deadlines really is!  This isn't some broken trial period, you can do absolutely everything with no restrictions - not even the number of matters you want to process during your free trial!  Really, how awesome is THAT?  You know, once you start getting your deadlines automatically you will never look back, unless it's to say goodbye to that old method that doesn't give you real-time updates!FreeTrial

Don't be afraid, the whole process doesn't take very long at all.  First make sure you have the system requirements ready to go:

  • SQL Server or SQL Server Express installed and running
    - by the way, if you have Time Matters Enterprise, Time Matters 10 or Amicus Attorney Premium, this is already done!
  • One workstation that will process your deadlines, with Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and 1GB of memory
    - really, 1GB is nothing unless your computers still have green screens!  You don't, do you....?

Ok, so now you know your computer network is ready to roll, what's next?  You have a couple of options.  One of our very friendly (yes, really, they are quite nice) representatives will be happy to give you a 10 minute demo on how Integrated Deadlines works and how to set up your first matter or you can dive in head first and set up your first matter yourself. 

 Here is the simple process for you:

  • Optionally do a 10 minute web demo with one of our staff by calling 888-958-6657
  • You can also just jump right in and sign up for your free trial online by clicking HERE where your LawToolBox matter will be configured
  • Pick any matter that you are working on, plug in your key date (trial date, at-issue date, etc) and compare our deadlines to yours
  • Dowload and install the desktop software HERE
  • Add as many matters as you want and enjoy automatic deadlines!

So what happens at the end of your trial?  Well, if you don't like actually having your deadlines calculated automatically and in real-time (seriously?) then you just walk away.  There are NO OBLIGATIONS, no hassle and no pressure.  Your satisfaction is our most important goal.